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To care for the whole child and provide opportunities for each one to grow to their full potential emotionally, socially, physically, mentally, and spiritually. We strive to prepare every child and their family for kindergarten.


Empowering God's children to be bright and confident learners!


Since PCC Preschool was established in 1965, the teachers, directors, and staff continue valuing that preschool-aged children learn best through play. The children and families that attend our program see the benefit and importance of play-based learning. PCC Preschool not only values play-based learning but also building and nurturing the whole child. Through using play-based curriculum, teachers help children grow and learn in the following areas:

Social: to help children develop respectful relationships with others by encouraging language skills and modeling/practicing problem-solving.

Emotional: to help children recognize their feelings and desires and to encourage them to express themselves socially in appropriate ways. These are the beginning steps to building empathy for others.

Intellectual: to introduce children to the cognitive skills needed to be successful in Kindergarten. Children use the award-winning "Handwriting Without Tears" materials as part of our curriculum for letter writing, number writing, letter, and sound recognition.

Physical: to help children strengthen their large and small motor skills through a variety of activities. Children are encouraged to do the things they are capable of doing by participating in “self-help” skills.

Spiritual: to teach children about God’s unconditional love and simple Biblical Truths through activities, songs, books, and Bible stories.

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