We want to thank the PCC Preschool community for your trust and allowing us to serve your family during this time. We know that much thought and consideration goes into your preschool enrollment decision, especially during these unprecedented times. Our team commits to providing the most consistent, safe, enriching, and memorable learning environment for your child to thrive in this school year.


  • Class size is limited to 14 children. Children and teachers (2) will become a stable group.

  • Stable groups cannot change for the program's duration, essentially becoming a “second household.”

  • Children and accompanying family members will go through a daily health check before entering the classroom.  Any recorded temperature of 100.4 or visible symptoms will prohibit a child from remaining at school.

  • Parents should not bring their child to school if:

    • Any household member, including the child, had a fever, cough, or shortness of breath within the last 24 hours.

    • Any household member had contact with a confirmed case of COVID-19 in the last two weeks.

  • Children are strongly encouraged to wear a face covering, except for when children are eating or playing outside.

  • Staff members are encouraged to wear a face-covering throughout the school day.

  • Staff regularly sanitize classrooms and high contact areas (tables, light switches, etc.) throughout the day. The classrooms are thoroughly cleaned and sanitized each night as well.

  • Children are required to wash their hands before entering the classroom.

** The above guidelines are ever-changing. Parents are encouraged to check our online COVID handbook for up-to-date guidelines set forth by PCC Preschool. **


We will steward our ability to stay open for in-person learning as best we can, keeping the safety of children and our staff in mind. PCC Preschool will close if the county or state health orders require the closure of state-licensed preschool and child care centers. PCC Preschool will also close for 1-2 weeks if any positive COVID 19 cases are reported within the PCC Preschool.


When a closure happens, we look forward to continuing our class time through our virtual at-home learning. Our at-home learning for the Pre-K Program will include a live M-F 20 minute Circle Time on Zoom with teachers and the rest of their classmates. The Preschool (3's) class will include a live 20 minute Circle Time on Zoom 2 days a week if the closure is longer than one week. Our at-home learning additionally includes access to our Bitmoji Virtual Classroom Portal. This classroom portal will serve as an easy access point for joining Circle Time, prerecorded storytimes, special songs, and printable short enrichment activities for children to enjoy at their own pace. PCC Preschool will also provide weekly at-home activities, supplies, books, and other goodies for children to do at home if a closure lasts for more than a week. Virtual at-home learning will be offered at a reduced rate of $260 per month for Pre-K students and $160 per month for Preschool (3's) students.