COVID-19 Modifications

Overview: In this time of many disruptions, our team will do its best to support your family. As we do, we also ask for your support in the following ways: 

  • Communication is key during this time of constant change. Please be checking your email for updates or new information we send. Also we ask families to keep us informed of important information regarding your campers.

  • Please send your child with a water bottle since the drinking fountains will be shut down. Children still have access to water, but it will be easier and healthier if they have their own water bottles. 

  • Please inform Debbie Bravo (PCC Preschool’s site director), Gina Affrunti (PCC Preschool's Admin. Coordinator), or Victor Hernandez (PCC Preschool’s executive director) if anyone in your immediate family is diagnosed with COVID-19. For confidentiality, we don’t need to know who, but simply that an immediate family member contracted COVID-19.

  • PCC Preschool asks families to follow CDC quarantine guidelines for COVID-19 close contact cases. Our policy will adjust based on the most up to date CDC guidelines.

  • Please wear a mask when you are on PCC campus. 

  •  Please don't send your child to preschool if they are sick and consult with your doctor as soon as possible. Also, please don't send your camper back to PCC Preschool until they are symptom-free for 24 hours. We appreciate how communicative parents have been regarding their camper’s health (as a reminder any health information you share is strictly confidential).

Opening: To keep our staff and families we are opening outside starting at 9 am. We ask that everyone wear a mask during opening. Before children enter the classroom they will wash their hands at one of our outdoor sinks. A staff member will also preform a health check. The health check includes taking the child's temperature and asking the adult dropping off a series of questions. If your child has a temperature or appears to show signs of illness, we ask that your child returns home until he/she is feeling better.

Preschool Class (3s) families will line up in front of room 1. Pre-K Class families will line up in front of room 5.

Preventative Measures During Programming:

1) Limiting classroom size to 12 children with 2 teachers while keeping cohorts consistent with no contact between classes or any other groups on campus.

2) Having all teachers and children wear masks or face shields unless they are eating or actively playing outside.

3) Increasing the amount of time children wash their hands through out the day

4) Teachers sanitizing the room throughout the day.

Causes Of A Temporary Closure & Timing:

1) Someone within the preschool has tested positive for COVID-19.

2) If the San Mateo County Health Department recommends or requires programs like ours to close.

In either of these cases we will notify San Mateo County Health Department of any positive cases within the PCC Preschool community. If PCC Preschool does have a positive case and needs to proceed with a deep clean, PCC Preschool will be closed for at least 7 days. We will then remain closed until the San Mateo County Health Department recommends otherwise.

During A Temporary Closure:

1) PCC Preschool will launch circle time for both classes within 2 days of closure.

2) PCC Preschool will launch classroom portals within 3 days of a closure.

3) If the closure looks like it will be for a significant duration, PCC Preschool may also set up pick-up times, for families to pick up supplies from Preschool.